Recent college graduates, Celena Lena, and her brother, Tytist (currently in grad school) respectively have been individual artists in their own right. They came together to form duo group as siblings, and launched “Sis N Lil Bro”. They collaborated during the COVID-19 pandemic and outbreak to create a debut EP, completing it start to finish in 1 week! The seven song EP released in 2020 featured ear catchy songs like  “OK” which sent the message to their generation, that everything will be okay. Also featured songs like  Majestic, Loco, and Leggo.

        This brother and sister duo is making a big impact among their peers and continue to flood the industry with endless music and visual content.  This group is the first ever hip hop act to be signed to Tribl Records (home of Maverick City), and the first biological brother-sister hip hop duo in the country.  Sis N Lil Bro specializes in positive and inspirational content that allows them to book any college campus event with wholesome, uplifting and relevant content that appeal to the secular and the sacred market.  With multiple  albums, Sis N Lil Bro is a unique group that’s able to connect with today’s culture and generation. They are formally educated artists who earned their Bachelor degrees and have street credibility. The group is a trifecta for talent buyers as both artist can perform and carry a full concerts as individual artists and as a duo!  Sis N Lil Bro integrates with the college market extremely well as both of them are highly involved in campus activities at their respective schools.  Most impressive aside from their bangin’ beats, electrifying performances and catchy bars (rap lyrics)  is their ability to connect with students and culture beyond the music on  a more personal level.  SNLB is intentional about paying attention and giving every fan and concert goer a genuine and personal experience.

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